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CiLab, institutional and political intelligence firm

Founded in 2017, CiLab is an institutional and political intelligence firm that supports organizations in their influence strategies.

Because the inner workings of lobbying have changed in nature, sustainable influence can no longer be built on yesterday's tools. It requires something more: a strategy based on in-depth knowledge of the political field, clearly defined objectives and precise targets. An up-to-date roadmap and an experienced sherpa are essential if you are to find your way in a complex and ever-changing institutional environment.

CiLab's ambition: to offer precision lobbying based on a tailor-made consultancy offer, a rigorous approach to institutional mechanics and constant attention to the underlying power dynamics. In short, the three pillars of our firm.

Our team

CiLab was co-founded by Raphaël Zarader and Nicolas Trouvé, from a common passion for politics. Our consultants, with the same passion, are all experts in public affairs.

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