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Public affairs: expertise fueled by passion

You can't provide quality public affairs consultancy without a strong taste for political life and an in-depth knowledge of institutions. Public decision-making follows well-defined channels that should not be taken lightly. We don't shy away from the technical dimension. On the contrary: we thrive on it!



Follow to understand an imperative

Public decision-making is a living matter, embodied in men and women whose degree of influence is not always obvious, and always fluctuating over time. That's why we pay constant attention to actuality, in the etymological sense of the word: that which produces effects.


No good advice without good intelligence

Monitoring requires continuous commitment and a sharp eye, from consultants to associates. It is by continuing to perform some tasks that others sometimes perceive as secondary, by striving to remain sensitive to the details and fluctuations of public life, that we give ourselves the long-term means to provide high-level guidance.


Precision lobbying to make your voice heard

Today, attention is the scarcest of resources. This is especially true for public decision-makers, who are constantly on the receiving end of solicitations. To build a lasting capacity for influence, you need to concentrate on reaching the right target: the right place, at the right time, with the right message. Deploying a capacity to influence is a matter of mastery (always) and restraint (often).

The 4 pillars of our guidance

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